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Bailey’s Neighborhood Pet FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Grooming Questions

  • No. Our self-wash and retail hours are clearly posted on the website and the door. The groomer cannot help you at the self-wash or retail at that time, as they are focusing on grooming their dogs, and front desk staff does not arrive until opening. The groomers are sometimes working on cats or special-needs dogs that CANNOT be left unattended. Please wait until opening hours to utilize our self-wash and retail.

Self-Wash Questions

  • Nope! At Bailey’s, we understand that different dogs have different needs, and as a result may require different shampoos. However, we do have a $3 extra charge on the De-shedding Shampoo and Conditioner, as they are more expensive to stock than our other shampoos.

Retail Questions

  • Yes! We carry multiple brands of CBD products for cats and dogs, including Canna Companion, Pet Releaf, and The Peaceful Pup. Your options would include capsules, oils, and treats all in different strengths to find the right fit for your pup. Come in and ask us about pet CBDs.

Bailey's Self-Serve Dog Wash

Why Choose Bailey's Self-Wash?

Why Choose Bailey's Self-Wash?

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Full-Service Grooming

Full-Service Grooming<BR>7 Days a Week

Full-Service Grooming
7 Days a Week

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Top-Rated Pet Food

Top-Rated Pet Food, Treats, Toys & Supplies

Top-Rated Pet Food, Treats, Toys & Supplies

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Doorstep Pet Supply and Bailey’s Neighborhood Pet are owned by Brent and Michelle Ahrens who grew up in Bellingham and reside with their twins in the Alderwood community.

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